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Who is Dr. Harnet?
Dr. Harnet is an Africa Business Expert who advises entrepreneurs, investors, and existing business owners around the world on how to do business smarter, faster, and more confidently in Africa. She has spent the last 17 years of her life working in and with Africa and is on a mission to teach you how to become part of Africa's renaissance while building wealth in an ethical way that benefits business professionals and the local community. Dr. Harnet conducts training bootcamps and Africa Business & Investment Missions to pair foreign investors and business owners with local businesses in African nations. She has been featured on Forbes Africa, the Africa Club of Air France/KLM, Newsweek, Dr. Boyce Watkins' YouTube Channel, and many other global media outlets. She also co-authored a book titled '101 Ways To Make Money In Africa.'
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Here’s exactly what benefits you get when you join the Africa Business Academy
Are you keen to finally create wealth in Africa? Wonderful! You have definitely come to the right place! The Africa Business Academy is an exclusive membership group that will support you in your quest to do business with or make investments in Africa's emerging markets. We are here to walk the talk with you. This is your chance to get started faster and the right way.
#1 Benefit: Get personal access to Dr. Harnet when you need it
You are not sure if you are making the right decisions, you don't know what to do next, you are stuck, need some advice, or continuous mentorship on your road to wealth creation in Africa? Dr. Harnet takes her personal engagement with all Academy members very seriously and now you can have access to her support and that of other mentors on a daily basis through the Networking Foyer of the Academy.
#2 Benefit: Participate in Dr. Harnet's exclusive Virtual Africa Business BootCamp and other online training courses
It's simple: There is no other training course out there that teaches you how to enter Africa's markets successfully. If we want to build successful businesses or investment portfolios in Africa we need the right insights and strategies to make it happen. Dr. Harnet teaches you success strategies in 10 training modules that allow you to cut down TIME, RISK, and related COST when getting started in Africa
#3 Benefit: Communicate with real & trusted businesses and local partners in Africa, so you can seize the right opportunities for you
If you have not figured out how exactly you want to make money in Africa, or you need local partners for your start-up you will be pleased to hear that the Academy provides support and real engagement for that, too. You will get direct access to local businesses and investment opportunities in Africa every month through our live webinars.
#4 Benefit: Group mentorship and success coaching
Dr. Harnet will hold regular Africa business Q&A sessions for respected Academy members and will also provide guidance and tools to improve your success mindset and daily productivity, so you can reach your goals. This will be delivered through live webinars and online videos every single month.
#5 Benefit: Massive Networking
Sometimes when we visit events it is difficult to keep those contacts going - but when you are part of a network those contacts are there to stay! An important part of our Africa Business Academy is to build business relationships among our respected members and with entrepreneurs and business leaders on the continent. We will be able to share our resources, skills, and connections with each other, provide comradeship and support and generally build a wide business network on the continent.
#6 Benefit: Resource Page
The Academy will soon have a resource page available to members only. Content, contacts, and partner profiles will be saved there so you can always re-visit it or get the information you need when you need it.
Here's What People Are Saying...
"If you want to get successfully started then Dr. Harnet is someone you want on your team."
-Maurice Rigaud, USA
"The leverage Dr. Harnet provides is enormous."
-Jean-Pierre Clientele Engele
"I didn't know what to do, but with Dr. Harnet's help, I started on a journey."
-Ray Nnadi
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  • √ Dr. Harnet's Virtual Africa Business Bootcamp Training
  • √ 3 Guidance Worksheets for Immediate Navigation
  • √ Downloadable copy of 101 Ways to Make Money In Africa
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  • √ Dr. Harnet’s Virtual Africa Business Bootcamp Training + bonuses!
  • √ New Africa Business Courses and Webinars Each Month
  • √ Real-Time Access to African Partners and Opportunities
  • √ Ongoing Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • √Access to Members-Only Networking Foyer via Facebook
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  • √ Dr. Harnet’s Virtual Africa Business Bootcamp Training + bonuses!
  • √ Quarterly One-to-One Skype Coaching Sessions with Dr. Harnet 
  • √ Business Match-Making with African Businesses
  • √ Free Marketing and Promotion of Your Product/Service on Dr. Harnet's Networks
  • √ Priority Mentoring via Personal Email
  • √ Two FREE tickets to Dr. Harnet's Live, In-Person Lectures
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